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December 16, 2009

I just posted Relish Culinary Adventure’s latest email newsletter simply by forwarding the email to Posterous. It was extremely easy to do because all I did was click forward and clean up some of the extra stuff about Vertical Response, etc. It also looks GREAT on the Posterous website. Now I am testing it out on WordPress by forwarding the same email to my Funny by Accident site on….  Let’s see how it looks….

Written after email was sent: Formatting is much more clean on the Posterous site.  They scale down the newsletter to fit in the area and keep the same formatting (see bottom left hand corner to see the difference).  But, still it is nice to know that I can email posts into WordPress.  Now, I wonder how images will look???

Relish Culinary Adventures
Top Chef in Healdsburg
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Anyone else a big Top Chef fan? I thoroughly enjoy watching the creative cooking process and was amazed each Chef Michael Voltaggio leading a Relish class in 2005week by the resulting dishes. If you followed the season that last week, you know that the finale was held at the Two-Michelin-Star Cyrus Restaurant. You might have missed (since it wasn’t even mentioned) that Cyrus is located in our own Healdsburg in Sonoma County, not Napa where the other finale activities were held. But that’s not the only Top Chef-Healdsburg connection. Midway thru the season, celebrity chef Charlie Palmer was the guest judge for an elimination challenge that was all about “Pigs and Pinot” (e.g., pairing pork dishes with pinot noir wine.)

Chef Palmer’s annual Pigs and Pinot Celebration is held right here in Healdsburg each March. In fact, the pork cooking seminar with Charlie is held here at the Relish Culinary Center. Connection number three is the winner himself—chef Michael Voltaggio was the chef de cuisine at Charlie Palmer’s Dry Creek Kitchen in Healdsburg back in 2005. A baby-faced, less-tattooed Michael led a number of Relish classes during his tenure including the fun Holiday Appetizers and Cocktails class pictured here. Michael was a rising star—talented and determined—and he was a pleasure to work with (really!)

I like to think that all this attention reflects that Healdsburg is squarely on the national food map. With world-class wines and beers, nationally recognized restaurants, a regional legacy of sustainable farming, and a plethora of outstanding artisan food producers, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Sonoma County is an extraordinary culinary destination.

Creative Holiday Gift Ideas With the current economic challenges, we’re big fans of practical and experiential gifts for the holidays. Relish Gift Certificates are a great option for friends and family who appreciate a unique and delicious cooking experience. Available in any amount, we can send the gift certificate directly to the recipient or to the giver via email or post. We’ll be available to process gift certificates through Wednesday, December 23rd. Check out our special offer for gift certificates of $300 or more.

Relish also carries a variety of products for The Essential Pantry, including local olive oils (DaVero, Dry Creek and Deergnaw), Marcucci Farms Zinfandel Vinegar, Terra Sonoma Ver Jus and Saba, plus colorful Olive Oil Tapas Bowls and some of our favorite cookbooks. Drop by any weekday between 10 am and 4 pm to make your purchase a lovely bit of Sonoma County.

To register for events, please call 877.759.1004 or visit
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