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que syrah, syrah.

October 14, 2009

Fall is definitely here.  It is the first day of a heavy rainstorm in Sonoma County.  Nine roads were closed due to flooding and cellar workers are scrambling to finish crush in the rain. For myself, it was a day of comfort food and catching up with work…

Breakfast: Oatmeal with soy milk and a spoonful of almond butter, thanks to Jenna from Eat, Live, Run for the tip.

Lunch: Grilled Cheese made with fresh baked bread and Tillamook cheese (thanks to them tweeting to me this morning).

Snack: A chocolate/caramel turtle, stolen from my roommate.

Dinner: Acorn squash stuffed with wild rice, onions, garlic with a tomato soup base and topped with spicy green beans with cacao nibs.  Since it is the beginning of fall, I knew I had to pair my meal with a good spicy Syrah, especially to go with the spicy green beans (adapted from a TCHO chocolate recipe) so I chose a Kunde Estate Syrah that I received as a birthday present from a tasting room employee (so yes, I am disclosing that I received this bottle as a gift).

My finished meal may not look very appetizing, but it certainly tasted delicious!   The Syrah is a PERFECT pairing with the fall squash and spicy beans.  Just enough spice and fruit to hold up to the food.  It definitely needed to open up to its flavors.  A great food wine!

…. Another Syrah that I just recently had was a gift from David Cole, owner of James David Cellars. I paired this with some Thai Drunken Noodles and it actually worked.  The noodles were not too spicy that it over powered the Syrah and vice versa.

I may be a known Pinot lover, but fall food really does call for a good Syrah and an awesome scarf!  No wonder I love this time of year.

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